Monday, October 26, 2020

PS5 DualSense can be used on Android and Windows devices


The countdown of thirty days before the official arrival of the PlayStation 5 on the shelves of the markets of various countries of the world has already started and, with this, more information is being updated every day on the console, its games. and its accessories.


Spider Man: Miles Morales, for example, has already won a gameplay video that reveals new details about the game and its gameplay. In addition, the PS Store has been redesigned and has had some improvements to accommodate the new titles that will arrive for the next generation console from Sony.

Now is the time to have access to more detailed information about DualSense, the official control of the PS5. Just days before the device arrived in stores, Sony sent consoles and accessories to some influencers and YouTubers and one of them has already posted an unboxing of the controller and revealed some information to it. topic.

Among the information published by Austin Evans, the youtuber responsible for hardware, is the fact that DualSense is compatible with third-party devices, such as Android phones and computers with Windows installed, despite its packaging showing compatibility only with the PlayStation. 5.

Evans does some testing and shows that it was possible to successfully pair the DualSense with a Microsoft Surface Laptop Go laptop and a Google Pixel 5 phone. On both devices, the control works almost perfectly. This is because it can be used normally for playing on these devices, but the haptic feedback features and adaptive triggers don’t work.

Austin Evans is still trying to pair the controller with a PlayStation 4 and an Xbox Series X. In the first he is recognized normally, but stops there and does not work to control the platform or even its games. On the Microsoft console, Austin points out that DualSense can receive a cable-connected load, but it doesn’t work beyond that.

The PlayStation 5 begins reaching buyers and pre-order stores around the world from November 19.

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